PHOTOS: Massive Land Clearing Continues For Rumored Epcot Entrance Hotel

The next time you visit Epcot, the landscape will be very different. Disney is in the process of clearing nearly 30 acres of wetlands to the right of the Epcot parking plaza. More specifically, the work stretches from the solar fields that run along World Drive all the way to the parking plaza. Here’s a look at the permit highlighting the work area (labeled Pond – A, Phase 1). For a more detailed prediction of where the hotel will sit, see our original post where we go over the permit.

Here’s our latest look at the land clearing underway, working from east to west (parking plaza towards World Drive solar fields).

The photo below shows the expanse of the work, following the monorail beam around the corner towards the solar fields.

The perimeter of the work ends at the solar fields, as seen below.

Check out our earlier post to see the progress made in a few weeks.

Disney has yet to officially comment on what the work is for, but it’s clear a large-scale effort is taking place and signs are pointing towards an Epcot entrance hotel.

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