Scaffolding Comes Down at Space 220 Restaurant in Epcot; Latest Look at Construction

    We’ve started to enter the “boring” part of the Space 220 restaurant project at Epcot. The scaffolding has come down around the structure, seemingly signaling a “completed” exterior. We made it out to Epcot recently to take a look at the latest progress on the World Discovery restaurant.

    Our first few photos will be on foot before taking to Test Track for a different vantage point. As you can see, the restaurant itself is actually hidden quite well. We imagine the vast majority of guests who see this structure simply assume it’s a backstage building and not a restaurant that will allow you to orbit some 220 miles above the Earth’s surface.

    Walking down the pathway reveals a bit more of the building and a slight design.

    We belive that the grey part of the building will house the main restaurant, while the portion of the building seen wrapped in yellow construction material will be part of a “pre-show” of sorts that takes you on a space elevator up to the restaurant.

    We’ll hop on Test Track now to show you what the building looks like from the outdoor portion of the attraction.

    As a quick reminder, we anticipate that this rounded portion will contain the main restaurant where the giant screens will give the illusion of being in space. Here’s a look at the concept art and a look back at the large warehouse-type space during construction.

    Here’s a closer look at what use to be an opening for crews to take machinery in and out during earlier phases of construction.

    And a look back.

    We’ll leave you with one final view of the Space 220 restaurant from the end of Test Track, before you reenter the building.

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