How Often Does Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Break Down?

As we continue to provide you with as many planning tips and tricks as possible for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, we wanted to explore just how often Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance breaks down. With shorter park hours now in effect, it’s critical that Rise of the Resistance begins to improve in stability as Disney looks to eventually normalize hours at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and move away from the boarding group system. As of publish time, there are no announced dates for an end to the boarding group system.

Two months ago, Disney opened what they have called their most ambitious and advanced attraction ever. Having had the opportunity to ride Rise of the Resistance multiple times, we would have to agree with that statement. There are a lot of moving pieces to the attraction, as well as multiple ride systems that guests will experience during their 18-minute experience.

While Disney hasn’t made any official statements regarding the downtime for Rise of the Resistance beyond the push notification seen below, we can try and take a look at the data to estimate just how often the ride breaks down. Let’s dive in.

One of the systems that can break down is the Intersystem Transport Ship that takes guests off of Batuu before eventually being captured by the First Order.

This ride system is actually quite complex, consisting of pods that rotate on a turntable to transport guests to the First Order Star Destroyer hangar. While inside this “ride within a ride”, guests get to experience two audio-animatronic figures while they travel (turn) to the Star Destroyer. This is a critical point in the attraction that we know has broken down in the past thanks to guests who reported a poor operations/experience they had when the ship broke down.

The experience is designed in such a way that this is a critical storytelling element and if it breaks down, it would lead to the entire attraction experiencing downtime.

Other elements that could lead to a breakdown include the elevators that lift guests to the second floor of the attraction in the massive AT-AT room.

In the photo below, you can see a ride vehicle heading towards one of two elevators in this room.

Finally, it’s possible that another point of issue is in the complex drop mechanism that returns guests back to the first “level” of the attraction. Part drop mechanism and part motion simulator, this is a complex story element and critical to the proper execution of the attraction.

So, back to the question at hand: How Often Does Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Break Down?

Wait time tracking website thrill-data has compiled an average of 3.6 breakdowns per day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Calculated by noting whenever there is a delay in boarding group progression of more than 15 minutes, this is the best public data available at the time of publication. We’ve been in the park during these delays in boarding group progression and it does line up, generally, with attraction downtime.

So, what does that mean for your visit to ride Rise of the Resistance? As we note in our Rise of the Resistance boarding group virtual guide, you should make this attraction a priority by setting an early alarm and ensuring that you’re inside of Disney’s Hollywood Studios with your phone at the ready the second boarding groups go live. By putting in time at the beginning of your day, you can give yourself the best chance to get a “guaranteed” boarding group. We don’t recommend relying on backup boarding groups due to the attraction’s instability.

Even getting a “guaranteed” boarding group doesn’t ensure you’re immune from downtime and get you onto the ride that day. That said, if you’re in a “guaranteed” boarding group, Disney will offer you a FastPass and a 1-day ticket to try and ride the next day if your boarding group isn’t called. If you’re in a backup boarding group and your group isn’t called, there are no recovery options offered.

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