Disney Reportedly Plans on Using Theme Park Entry Reservation System Through 2021

While much speculation and uncertainty exists around the all-new theme park reservation system, we’re getting some more news about how long it might be in place for.

If you were unaware, Disney will require all guests wishing to visit a Walt Disney World theme park to reserve a date to visit. This is in addition to the requirement to have purchased a ticket and the reservation system will apply to Annual Passholders as well. While area theme parks like Universal Orlando do not require a reservation, Disney believes that there is enough pent-up demand and that their operating capacity will be low enough that a reservation system will be justified.

One of the questions many Disney fans had was: how long will the Disney World theme park reservation system be in place? While Disney has stated that a lot of the new measures will be in place during the initial reopening phase, they failed to mention how long the “initial” phase will last.

It appears that Disney is planning on keeping the system in place through 2021, according to information passed to UK travel agencies (via @ScottGustin).

As Gustin notes, these are the currently communicated plans, and subject to change.

It will be interesting to see if the guest demand meets or exceeds the self-imposed capacity limitations Disney will be putting in place to encourage social distancing at the theme parks. There are no publicly released capacity limitations on Walt Disney World theme parks from local, state, or federal officials or mandates.

As always, this information should be treated as unofficial unless and until Disney confirms it.

Disney has still not released any details on the theme park reservation system, but they are expected to soon.

As always, keep checking back with us here at BlogMickey.com for the latest Disney Parks news and photos. We’ll continue to bring you news and photos, where possible, through the Disney Parks closure due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and will resume our normal coverage once the parks reopen to guests on July 11th!

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  1. This is worrisome for an AP like myself…I didnt buy a platinum pass to enter a drawing (reservation system)….I paid to get 365 days of access and park hopping…Hopefully they will extend APer passes all the way until you dont need a reservation!

  2. I’m
    Certainly not flying over 3000 miles and spending thousands of $$$ to enter a lottery to get into the theme parks I paid for if I won’t be guaranteed entry and only getting not even a 1/4 of the entertainment .. why else would anyone stay at their hotels coming from afar? This is ridiculous! I’m also an AP holder on in California. This is not the pass I paid for. I will cancel everything until Disney comes to their sense! They’re grossly over exaggerating this virus! I hope they lose tons of money with this nonsense!

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