Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Bill to Nullify Disney World’s Reedy Creek Development Agreement

    Today, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill that would nullify Disney World’s Development Agreement with the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District (CS/CS/SB 1604 – Land Use and Development Regulations).

    DeSantis received the bill earlier today and did not delay in signing the bill into law.

    The narrowly written amendment allows an independent special district to ignore any Development Agreement or any other agreement executed within the 3 months preceding a law that modified the makeup of that District’s governing body membership. Interestingly, this appears to be an amendment with an even more limited intention than the already narrow wording. The amendment subsection will expire in July 2028 if not saved from repeal before then. It is essentially a legislative version of limited-time magic, but only if limited-time magic was retaliatory and inevitably headed to court.

    How does this apply to Disney World’s situation? Walt Disney World and the former Reedy Creek Improvement District entered into a Development Agreement in February – just before a bill passed that allowed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to take over the operations of the RCID. The agreement was valid and contractual, but the Governor’s team completely missed the fact that it was happening and they didn’t register any public comments against the Development Agreement. Technically, the Development Agreement still exists because the RCID was simply renamed and not dismantled as was the original intent of the legislation in Summer 2022. Critically, the amendment was written in a way that specifically applies to the CFTOD and the series of events that led to the creation of the current Board of Supervisors.

    In addition to this legislation, the CFTOD is suing Walt Disney World and asking the judge to void the Development Agreement and Restrictive Covenants. Disney World is suing DeSantis and the CFTOD Board in federal court to have a judge declare the agreements valid, among other complaints by Disney.

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    1. Just like alittle baby has to have everything his way. Who in their right mind would want such a childless person like him in the White house. We would really be in trouble

      • Democrats caused inflation with the out of control spending. Crime is horrible, the border and illegal immigration are out of control. So with all these Democrat problems why worry about Disney?

    2. Good thing he can’t actually make retroactive laws. It really is like ignorant children are in charge of Florida. Republican are only Republicans because they are uneducated and didn’t pay attention in school.

    3. His tantrums just get louder every day. What a turd. DeSantis has no chance at the White House. No sane person would vote for anyone that vindictive.

    4. DeSantis and his cronies in the FL. legislature are running a fascist regime in Florida. DeSantis is a toxic bigoted homophobic piece of 💩. He needs to go.

    5. I actually love seeing this. How the liberals are losing their minds how he is going the proper round and passing stuff through the legiative branch and getting signed by the executive branch. Not long ago a lot of they nay sayers on here were losing it because he refused to unilaterally shut down people’s businesses or require them the wear underwear on their face. This is how the constitution works. Not how your liberal dreamland works.

    6. In the past when the masses didn’t like or approve how the government is treating its citizens the citizens organize a march. How about if everybody who has ever been to Disney and thosevwho wantbtongo either march on DeSantis and his cronies, write letters of protest, and protest via social media.

    7. This man is using our taxpayers money to fight a billion dollars corporation because they didn’t agree with his views. Imagine what he would do to regular folks who doesn’t agree with him. This is really dangerous

    8. Something is wrong with him. He’s acting like a dictator like he found new power in writing laws to get everything he wanted.

    9. What is it with him and this obsession with Disneyland? He’s pathetic and a loser.

    10. Yes!! Suck it Disney. Next time you stay in your lane and stick to making non woke content for children and keep out of politics. Now you have to pay your fair share and be just like universal.

    11. De Santis is the spoiled little kid who’s trying to take the class ball away because he can’t get his way, he’s acting like the Chinese Communist Party and Putin all in one when it comes to free speech. He would rather let everything go to ruin than admit he was wrong

    12. Desxxxx. Is insane!!!! He will ruin Fl economy & people here r tired of high costs for everything. Before u move here look into what it will cost you!!! I’m leaving as so many others are .

    13. Hey Desantos, great way to lose votes in your next election. If you run for office I see it now….. a loser.

    14. Lol. Can’t do anything else, so let’s go after mickey mouse. Georgia is happy they get Florida’s biggest
      employe.to top it off they signed a bill to make it illegal for you puppy to stick their head out the window. Lol. The world is falling apart and this is what our wannabe president is spending all his time with? Qwazy. Come on Grand Old Party get back to your roots. It used to be the party of truth, physical responsibility, law and order and the protector of the constitution. Now you answer the truth part, get rid of FBI statement, and disregard of the constitution. History will judge this obserity.

    15. Hell yeah, DeSantis is a big fat loser. He lost the Presidency already and he ain’t going anywhere.
      Go home DeSantis, you are nothing but a clown pretending to be something you’re not. That Governor position is too much for you. VOTE NO FOR DESANTIS.

    16. Typical Republican tyrant. Can’t have anyone speak against him. Fascist. This is where we are now because free speech isn’t allowed in Florida. Good job.

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