Walt Disney Imagineering Looking to Leverage Artificial Intelligence for Projects in Theme Parks

    With Artificial Intelligence a hot topic in the film world, Disney has not only posted AI jobs for the media side of the company, but also Walt Disney Imagineering in the theme park development segment too.

    According to job postings from Disney, Walt Disney Imagineering is seeking a couple of candidates for R&D – Generative Artificial Intelligence. The job postings say that AI will be leveraged for new AI tools that will enhance Imagineers’ ability to create, design and deliver a variety of projects around the world.

    The job postings also say that candidates will interface with third-party studios, universities, organizations, and developers to evaluate, adopt, and integrate the latest generative AI.

    A report from Reuters says that Disney developed an AI task force earlier this year to explore how AI can be used across the various lines of business with a goal of reducing costs.

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    1. Disney is so outwardly hostile towards creative lately it’s kind of baffling. All they do is regurgitate nostalgia & that’s all AI is going to do- it can’t generate new ideas, just mishmash pre-existing ones! This is such a nakedly short-sighted move that is going to kill the company in the long-term all for the sake of bumping stock prices a couple bucks on the share in order for Iger retire claiming he’s “saved the company” while it all burns down as soon as he’s out the door.

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