PHOTOS: First Exterior Walls Installed at Guardians of the Galaxy in Epcot; Solar Panel Dismantling Continues

The first exterior walls have been installed on the Guardians of the Galaxy gravity building. The building will house the vast majority of the roller coaster, with load and unload taking place in the former Universe of Energy structure. Here’s a look at the gravity building from the Epcot parking lot.

We can see the first walls being installed on the southeast corner of the building. It’s likely that Disney will want to fully enclose the building before installing the roller coaster track that is en route to Epcot.

Aerial photography from @bioreconstruct reveals that the wall is painted “go away green”, a popular color at Disney Parks meant to be as unobtrusive as possible. At this point, it looks like we can expect a big green box looming over the Epcot parking lot for decades to come.

Another view of the wall from the ground.


Also visible from the parking lot is the launch and return tunnel that connects the newly constructed gravity building and the backside of the gutted Universe of Energy structure.

For an overview of how this all plays together, here’s a look at one of the permits for the project. We see the former Universe of Energy structure in blue, the launch tunnel (as seen above) in red, and the large gravity building in green.

Inside the park, the removal of the solar panel frames has begun.

Guests are able to see straight through the structure. For a much better look inside, check out our post from a month ago.

The Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster is expected to open before Fall 2021.

As always, check back with us for continuing coverage of this and many more projects around Walt Disney World.

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