DeSantis’ Oversight District Calls Special Meeting to Discuss Disney Lawsuit

    The Central Florida Tourism Oversight District has posted notice of a special meeting for Monday, May 1st at 9:30am. The singular topic for the meeting is the lawsuit by Disney World naming the CFTOD members and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as defendants. Here’s the meeting agenda description:

    Board discussion and direction to litigation counsel and authorization to defend District officials sued in official capacities.

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    1. The Governor is a bully and a tyrant with a nefarious agenda. He tries to disguise his authoritarianism as a means to protect children. He’s not protecting them he is making them fearful of anything or anyone “different”. I hope Disney prevails and puts him in line. If he wants to protect children he can stop his gunzarama mania to promote more guns without safety regulations.

      • I couldn’t agree more! Although I did agree when it came to restricting is ridiculous mandates and forced vaccine shots and everything else and glad that he finally put a stop to that. It should’ve been put a stop to a long time ago though I don’t think anyone should be forced to do anything they don’t like which doesn’t make any sense to me. Why then he’s trying to stop them from having freedom of speech? So it seems to me that he’s just basically an evil hypocrite that hates gay people and wants to silence everyone and everything that doesn’t agree with his agenda. As far as I’m concerned, you shouldn’t force anyone to do anything about anything. Everyone should be able to freely their own life and say everything they want to say as long as it’s not hurting other people and that’s all Disney was doing. They were supporting the LGBTQ community regardless of what side that you’re on it doesn’t matter. We have a thing in this country, freedom of speech and if they want to support them and they have a right to say something about it and if they don’t want to support with support what their governor is doing and they have a right to speak out against that and they should be able to do it without being retaliated against! And yeah, there’s much bigger problems to worry about them at Walt Disney World just doing and not doing is absolutely ridiculous. They have 75,000 employees and one of the biggest employers is not the biggest employer in Florida that brings in so many taxes that if it wasn’t for them, Florida probably won’t even look anything halfway decent!! by the time in pursuing this frivolous, ridiculous lawsuit she’s gonna end up hurting the people who he says he’s defending the people who actually voted for him are gonna be any campaign for more taxes because of him he’s making a big mistake trying to fight the Walt Disney World company. They’re going to mop the floor up with him and I hope they do because this is nothing that Hass to do with protecting children if he wanted to protect them so badly, he’ll be more worried about his addiction and obsession with guns and everyone running around with a gun without any kind of protections that’s what’s killing children not learning gay rights or whatever after teaching in school that’s not what’s killing them he needs to open his eyes and hopefully Disney will do that for him!

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