Aerial Look at EPCOT Spine Demolition for World Celebration Neighborhood

As EPCOT slowly but surely realizes a refreshed vision for the Future World area of the park, demolition continues in the central spine area. This CommuniCore area is being partially demolished and partially refreshed, according to Disney’s latest plans.

Pre-pandemic concept art called for a Moana-inspired attraction called Journey of Water, and a multi-level festival center to anchor the seasonal festivals that EPCOT has become known for. We say “pre-pandemic” because we know that the lowered revenue stream and economic speedbump that the COVID-19 pandemic created will alter Disney’s vision for EPCOT. Disney has already announced a postponing of changes for Spaceship Earth and the Mary Poppins attraction. Disney has also said that they will be “taking a different approach” to the previously announced Festival Center. For a complete rundown of the World Celebration Festival Center plans, check out our earlier post.

While the future of the central spine, or World Celebration neighborhood, is currently in question, Disney continues with measured demolition of Innoventions East and West structures. Friend of the site @bioreconstruct recently took to the skies over Disney World to provide a unique vantage point of the work.

Disney has stated that the Innoventions West building seen below will be completely demolished for the Moana-inspired attraction, but work has been almost surgical and not as cavalier as the southwest section received, which was completely demolished before the parks closed.

On the eastern side of the World Celebration neighborhood, we see that the appendage that used to host some Electric Umbrella seating has been turned to dirt. For a more detailed look at the latest work, check out our earlier post where we see the demolition of the kitchen and second-floor seating.

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  1. Got a great solution to help out : cancel the Splash Mountain dessicration that absolutely no one who visited Disney World asked for and save some money to put towards Spaceship Earth!

  2. At magic kingdom today saw mask policy not being enforced. Guess that’s going to happen on busy holidays and so many cast members let go or furloughed. Maybe management should be walking the park and enforcing the mask mandates.

  3. Splash Mountain is a musty old ride that breaks down every hour, based on a terrible and racist movie, that barely anyone has ever seen or should suffer through. So yeah, many of us have asked for it. Spaceship Earth is sad though, so is the so called Tomorrow[yesterday]land in Magic Kingdom. Seriously? Gasoline powered cars? Still?

  4. Splash Mountain is a beloved masterpiece of Walt Disney Imagineering, perhaps the woke crowd should go back to sleep and let the rest of us get back along our merry way.

    Princess and the Frog doesn’t need an attraction, especially considering there’s no attractions for much better films such as Pocahontas and Hunchback.

  5. Naw, not gonna let your casual racism continue William, you’re the one who will have to adapt as America improves around you.

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