California Governor Says “Door is Open” to Bring Disney Jobs Back to California Following Adversarial Comments From DeSantis

    California Governor Gavin Newsom has weighed in on the controversy surrounding Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s comments on the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” that has passed through the Florida Legislator. While Chapek originally planned on staying silent about the bill, external and internal backlash was swift after published an email in which Chapek announced that he wouldn’t be denouncing the bill.

    The backlash built of the 48-hours prior to a Shareholder webinar in which Chapek attempted to walk back his lack of advocacy for the many, many LGBTQ+ employees. Chapek said that he would be meeting with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and donating $5 million to the Human Rights Campaign. What seemed like a strong hand from Chapek quickly unraveled as the Human Rights Campaign refused to accept the pledged money and Flrodia Governor Ron DeSantis’ office said that no in-person meeting had been set.

    Now, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has called The Walt Disney Company “woke”, noting that his administration will not allow “woke corporations” to drive policy in the state of Florida. Following comments from DeSantis that are adversarial towards The Walt Disney Company, who is planning to move a major division to the Orlando area, California Governor Gavin Newsom has said that the state of California “actually represents the values of your workers”.

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