Disney Deactivates 1982 Original Land Pavilion Background Music Days After Bringing It Back

    Disney giveth, and Disney taketh away. A few days ago, the original 1982 background music loop was turned on outside of the Land Pavilion, sparking a bit of interest on social media. Fans of old EPCOT rejoiced, and others at least acknowledged the reprieve from the (wonderful in moderation) EPCOT Anthem that plays throughout the front half of the park.

    Here’s a look back at the original background music, playing outside of the pavilion just a few days ago.

    1982 Land Pavilion Music Returns to EPCOT

    Watch our video below, or watch on YouTube.

    Well, while visiting EPCOT today, we found the music turned off. According to Cast Members, the music was turned off again recently, perhaps yesterday.

    Honestly, we could see arguments for and against the music. Even with the construction of New EPCOT, there are still nods to Old EPCOT as well. Keeping the original background music playing in front of the Land Pavilion was a wonderful nod to the past. That said, Disney has a wonderful soundtrack for New EPCOT with the EPCOT Anthem that plays in the front half of the park (World Celebration, World Nature, and World Discovery).

    The EPCOT Anthem was created by Pinar Toprak and is utilized in the Luminous nighttime spectacular, for area background music, and in one of the Spaceship Earth light shows seen below.

    However, there is currently no music playing outside of the Land Pavilion, which is perhaps the worst option. It would be great if Disney could debut a new score for some of the EPCOT pavilions, but in the meantime, we hope Disney settles on throwing EPCOT fans a bone and turning the original pavilion music back on.

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