Carnotaurus Joins Disco Yeti as Broken Flagship Animatronic at DINOSAUR in Animal Kingdom

    The so-called Disco Yeti is not alone at Disney’s Animal Kingdom as another flagship animatronic has thrown in the towel. The massive Carnotaurus that guests come face-to-face with on the DINOSAUR attraction is in pretty bad shape and has been for some time at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

    The Carnotaurus currently has netting over its head area as the head appears to be nearly detached or broken. In our video below, you can see the Carnotaurus broken down near the attraction’s finale before the Iguanodon comes to our rescue. The animatronic figure is the one that demands guests’ attention as the on-ride photo is taken. Right now, a head on a stick to the left of the ride vehicle is utilized as a B-Mode alternative.

    Here are a few stills from our video that show the head behind camouflage netting and considerably out of alignment with the torso.

    Here’s a full ride-through from a recent visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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