The Embarrassing State of World Showcase Lagoon

    Back in November 2020, Disney announced that the hardware required to perform Harmonious would be permanently installed in World Showcase Lagoon. In the same breath, they released concept art that showed a “daytime fountain” effect that was meant to offer an ambient feel during the day.

    11 months later, this is what stood in World Showcase Lagoon.

    It has now been more than one fiscal quarter (read: three months) past the debut of Harmonious, and the only time that we’ve seen the “daytime fountains” for any substantial amount of time is this weekend’s Walt Disney World Marathon.

    Here’s what the daytime fountain effect looked like during the few operating hours when the marathon passed through EPCOT. It’s worth noting that the arms extended were not part of the original concept and may have been a special effect for the marathon, but we have photos of the daytime fountain effect proper further down.

    Later in the day, there was an isolated barge with a daytime fountain effect.

    Honestly, it’s probably better than nothing, but it’s a far cry from the concept art and ambient energy that Disney first described.

    Keep in mind that the daytime fountains, should they ever materialize, are simply a bandaid for the metal armada that was originally intended to move between a backstage marina and World Showcase Lagoon daily. Reportedly, the operation of moving those massive barges between the backstage marina and the lagoon would’ve taken hours and caused severe traffic issues around World Showcase Lagoon as the bridge between China and Africa would’ve had to have been in use for the better part of the day. Instead of moving them, they were turned into fountains.

    So, we have the fountains. Or rather, we don’t. It’s unclear what is taking Disney so long to implement here. The water effects are functional, even if they aren’t pretty, and Disney has demonstrated an ability to keep them running for hours during the recent marathon that passed through EPCOT.

    In the meantime, we have this – a Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary logo functioning as a bandaid to a bandaid.

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