Cookie Coup: Gideon’s Bakehouse Workers Level Accusations Against Management, Owner Calls Claims “Misleading or False”

    A social media account titled the Ghosts of Gideon’s claiming to be operated by employee(s) of Gideon’s Bakehouse has posted a demand letter in response to what they claim are unsafe, and unacceptable working conditions. has reached out to Gideon’s Bakehouse management and Walt Disney World. We have not received a response from Walt Disney World, and we have not received a comment directly from Gideon’s Bakehouse. We have also reached out to the Ghosts of Gideon’s account to ask for proof of the allegations. Earlier this afternoon, the Gideon’s Bakehouse social media account responded to the allegations, which we’ve included below.

    Gideon’s Bakehouse at Disney Springs

    Gideon’s Bakehouse is a locally-owned cookie shop that has risen to popularity at Disney Springs. Gideon’s Bakehouse is located in The Landing section of Walt Disney World’s shopping, dining, and entertainment district. The cookie shop is one of the most popular spots at Disney Springs, with lines often reaching an hour wait or more on a daily basis.

    Allegations Against Gideon’s Bakehouse

    Turning our attention back to the recent allegations, the Ghosts of Gideon’s social media account has leveled a number of accusations against upper management at Gideon’s Bakehouse, ranging from unsafe and unfair working conditions to racism, sexual harassment, and even criminal behavior. There are other grievances such as early morning in-person meetings, and drink preparation techniques that fall far short of some of the more serious allegations. A number of social media accounts claiming to be former workers have also spoken about poor working conditions at Gideon’s Bakehouse.

    As a result of management reportedly not listening to worker concerns, the Ghosts of Gideon’s account has released a list of demands. Again, the list of demands ranges in seriousness. The demand letter, in full, is available at this link.

    Since posting the allegations, a new social media post from the Ghosts of Gideon’s account alleges retaliation in the workplace, accusing ownership of being on a “warpath” to determine who is behind the allegations. The Ghosts of Gideon’s account says that there has been no effort to remedy the issues outlined, and no apology offered.

    This afternoon, the official Gideon’s Bakehouse social media account issued the following statement. Although the statement is not attributed to the single owner, it is presumed owner Steve Lewis posted the message:

    Hi. I’m getting a lot of calls to answer the anonymous poster’s claims of workplace mistreatment. We will respond, but I am not anonymous and have guidelines I must understand. However, much of what is being represented is either misleading or false. I ask you not to run to the pitchforks and hear our side. I hope we’ve earned at least that much in our own community.

    I can eagerly go through the list of demands, from why I shake my cold brew flavors to our handicap/ADA compliance. Also, the flagship store offers a competitive take-home that is more than double what has been claimed, plus full benefits. In our nine years of business, we have never failed a health and safety report or had any major infractions, and our second location would not have been permitted to open without meeting all requirements and then some.

    Most importantly, I love my team. I hire everyone personally, and we discuss bringing emotional maturity and leaving out ego in the workplace with the need to look out for each other. Sometimes, people fall short and are let go, but you’ll notice many of the same faces have been with me for years. Gideon’s is a team of over 180 people, and no one can ever say that everyone is completely happy in a group that large, but I feel confident that everyone is treated with care and respect.
    Gideon’s Bakehouse social media post

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