UPDATE: IATSE Strike Will Not Affect Walt Disney World, Cast Members

We have an update on the recently announced IATSE nationwide strike. Paul Cox, President of IATSE Local 631 has confirmed to BlogMickey.com that a strike will not happen at Walt Disney World.

In the statement, Cox noted that the strike vote is for two contracts – the Hollywood Basics Agreement and the Area Standards Agreements. The Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Agreement contract is unaffected and remains in full force.

Cox did offer support to members of the IATSE, but said that they will continue to live up to the letter and spirit of the STCU contract noted above:

IATSE Local 631’s Executive Board did vote to have full solidarity with your Sisters, Brothers, and Kin across the US in the Movie and TV sectors that are [affected] by the Hollywood Basic and Area Standards Agreements.  Their issues are one that we share, workplace safety, rest periods, equal working conditions, pay, retirement and health care.  We understand their struggle and will support our Sisters, Brothers, and Kin while living up to the letter, and spirt of the Contracts we are party to.
Paul Cox, IATSE 631 President

An update will be made shortly to the original article.

As always, keep checking back with us here at BlogMickey.com as we continue to bring you the latest news and photos from around the Disney Parks!

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