Disney Executives Take Pay Cuts Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) Closures

Disney executives are receiving pay cuts at the company looks to save as much money as possible during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) closures. In an email to employees, Disney CEO Bob Chapek talked about the closures and the pay cuts:

This is a trying period for all of us and as we navigate these challenging times together and make adjustments in our daily lives, we’re grateful for everyone’s continued flexibility and understanding.

The pandemic is also having a devastating impact on the global and U.S. economies, and it’s hurting businesses like ours exceptionally hard. In a matter of weeks, we’ve experienced widespread disruption across our company, with our domestic parks and hotels closed indefinitely, our cruise line suspended, our film and TV production halted and theatrical distribution delayed both domestically and internationally, and our retail stores shut down. While I am confident we will get through this challenging period together and emerge even stronger, we must take necessary steps to manage the short- and long-term financial impact on our company. 

In light of this, we are going to be implementing a variety of necessary measures designed to better position us to weather these extraordinary challenges. Among them, we will be asking our senior executives to help shoulder the burden by taking a reduction in pay – effective April 5, all VPs will have their salaries reduced by 20%, SVPs by 25%, and EVPs and above 30%. I [Chapek] will be taking a 50% reduction in my salary. This temporary action will remain in effect until we foresee a substantive recovery in our business. Our executive chairman, Bob Iger, has chosen to forgo 100% of his salary. 

As we navigate the these uncharted waters, we’re asking much of you and, as always, you are rising to the challenge and we appreciate your support. Your dedication and resilience during this difficult time are truly inspiring, and it gives me renewed confidence that we will come through this crisis even stronger than before, as we have so many times in our company’s history. 

The pay cuts are as follows:

  • Bob Iger – Forgoing entire salary
  • Bob Chapek – 50% pay cut
  • Executive Vice Presidents – 30% pay cut
  • Senior Vice Presidents – 25% pay cut
  • Vice Presidents – 20% pay cut

According to sources, the pay cuts will go into effect April 5th.

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