PHOTOS: Aerial View of TRON Roller Coaster Site Reveals Latest Progress

Thanks to aerial photography extraordinaire @bioreconstruct on Twitter, we have an up-to-date look at the TRON roller coaster progress at Magic Kingdom. Due to its location behind large trees and the Magic Kingdom perimeter berm, it’s been tough to get any updated looks at the construction site…unit now. After starting tree clearing on Valentines Day earlier this year, where are we today? The project is still in a land preparation phase, with the relocation of an existing canal being the focus of attention.

A high-level view of Magic Kingdom, showing the plot of land dedicated to the TRON roller coaster seen in the bottom center of the image next to the all-white Space Mountain structure.

A closer look at the site shows World Drive northbound running alongside the site and a large lake to the north of the plot.

As outlined in permits updated in July, Disney is in the process of relocating a canal that connects the pond next to Space Mountain and the pond next to the TRON construction site. The relocation will move the canal from the front of the attraction to the rear.

A closer look at the site reveals a retaining wall going vertical that will be used to route the manmade canal behind the attraction and alongside the World Drive northbound road.

Here’s what that retaining wall looks like from the ground.

Another angle shows that a portion of the canal will run underground and a tunnel has been created. We can see the tunnel entrance just over the treeline in the center-bottom of the photo below.

Based on permits filed with the state, it appears that the next phase of the project is to start construction on the show building once the canal reroute work is complete.

The TRON roller coaster is set to open at Magic Kingdom in time for the 50th Anniversary in October 2021. Current estimates put the opening date of the roller coaster in Summer 2021, but Disney hasn’t put out an official opening season time frame or even year.

The TRON roller coaster is a clone of the same attraction in Shanghai Disneyland. We visited Shanghai Disneyland earlier this year and put together a full tour of the building.

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