We continue our look at Millennial Pink offerings at Walt Disney World with the Millennial Pink Celebration Toast at Amorette’s Patisserie in Disney Springs.

Millennial Pink Celebration Toast – $18

Not to be left out of the Millennial Pink craze, Amorette’s Patisserie in Disney Springs offers a photogenic version of their Fairy Tale Celebration Cuvee topped off with chocolate ears.

The cuvee itself is the same cuvee offered for $65 a bottle through Disney Floral gifts and can be found around World Showcase during a variety of Epcot festivals. It’s a nice, crisp sparkling wine that offers a bit of sweetness. It paired wonderfully with the white chocolate Millennial Pink ears set on top of the flute.

A bit of advice on the logistics of photographing the drink – you’ll want to ask the Cast Member to hand the ears to you separately, as the pink coloration starts to wear off if any liquid touches it.

At $18, this is simply overpriced. The sparkling wine is the exact same that we enjoyed at the Epcot Festival of the Arts this year… for $10.

Amorette’s Patisserie informed us that the wine alone is priced at $14, with a $4 upcharge for the white chocolate hat. At $18 we can’t recommend this drink, so here are some photos of it instead.