Rise of the Resistance FastPass Survey Sent to Guests

According to a screenshot from @DrewDisneyDude on Twitter, Disney is surveying guests on FastPass options for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

As you can see in the options offered below, Disney is seemingly trying to measure guests reactions to use of a virtual queue vs FastPass+ vs standby.

As of right now, Rise of the Resistance falls into the first category, requiring a boarding pass and placing guests into a virtual queue so they can explore other options in Disney’s Hollywood Studios before their boarding group is called.

Another option being explored by Disney is offering a limited amount of FastPass+ options and allowing guests to enter a standby line. This would be the same procedure found at any number of attractions around Walt Disney World and seems to be a good option for those who are lucky enough to secure a FastPass+. FastPass+ does increase the wait time for standby guests though, so it may not appeal to everyone.

The third option would only allow guests to enter a standby line. No virtual queue, no FastPass+ option, simply line up early and prepare to wait.

Disney hasn’t announced any plans to bring FastPass+ to Rise of the Resistance, but it seems like they are at least exploring that as one of three options.

What do you think? If you had the chance to take the survey, which option would be most appealing to you?

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  1. Virtual queue all the way, at least until it is running reliably, dumping the line a couple of times a day with the other two systems would be an absolute nightmare. In a perfect world, it would then go to standby only (with FP return in the event of line dump shut downs) and not go to FP for quite some time. Even staying on site, you’d probably need at least 60+5 to have a chance to get one at the very end of your trip.

  2. We’re visiting in June and it sure would be nice if people had to choose between 4 Tier1 rides. Then they could do either Slinky or Rise of Res or Mickey RR or MilFalcon. Then there might actually be Tier1 choices for those booking 30 days out. But I think they should not start FP until the hour after the park opens. So those who rope drop would not battle FP crowds too.

  3. We are going for our first time to Disney world in late Feb March 2020 booked last year. Tried every day for a fast pass for any of the following rides and been so far totaly un successful. Slinky day, Smugglers Run. Very Disappointed probably won’t ever get to go to Disney world again. Only getting Alien spinning at times in the late evening .. Not very good… very disappointed.

  4. I like the idea of a virtual boarding pass, however, they need to fix the downtime or figure out why it keeps happening. Left the house at 5 AM, arrived at the park by 6:30 AM, unfortunate to get boarding group 91, after countless delays finally get called at 6 PM to get through the ride a little after 7 PM. I would never wait 12 hours for a ride and took away some of the excitement after being there all day. That is my biggest complaint on the system.

  5. If they want to keep doing virtual que, I think they should divide the que into a morning and evening and then offer two times to get boarding passes, instead of giving them all out in the morning. Of course, until things calm down, only one ride per day, but issuing passes twice a day would allow people more flexibility to enjoy their vacations than having to wake up early.


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