RUMOR: Pocahontas Scene Cut from Fantasmic at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

With the announcement at Destination D23 that Fantasmic would be coming back at some point next year (no exact date or season given), sources have indicated that some of the changes made to the show include cutting out the Pocahontas scene entirely.

During the Magical Entertainment for the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Celebration, Disney Live Entertainment Creative Director Tom Vazzana announced some more details about the new version of Fantasmic that will debut next year. Vazzana said that the upgrades coming to Fantasmic have been a pet project of his, and he’s been working on the changes along with many (many) of his colleagues. During the panel, Vazzana said that Disney is “replacing a whole segment”.

Vazzana didn’t indicate which segment was going to be replaced, but sources have said that the Pocahontas scene is out. The scene, which was just over 3.5 minutes long, featured an impressive number of live performers and stunts. From canoes in the water to explosions to performers swinging across the width of the mountain, the segment was a significant one. That said, Disney has decided that it needed to be cut.

Sources did not say why the segment was cut, just that it won’t be there when the show reopens. In the show, the scene followed Governor John Ratcliffe as his men shoot guns and explosives at Native Americans.

Photo credit: Jeremy Wong

So what will replace Pocahontas? We’ll have more on that later.

As with any rumor, you should treat the information in this post as unofficial unless and until Disney confirms it.

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