Publicly Posted Permits Removed from Proposed DVC Site at Disneyland Hotel, City of Anaheim Expects Plans to Proceed

Good morning from the Disneyland Resort! As you might remember, Disney has previously announced plans to add a new 12-story Disney Vacation Club (DVC) tower near the Disneyland Hotel that will contain 350 DVC rooms, a Mickey-shaped spa, outdoor pool bar, and multi-level grand villas with balconies that overlook the Disneyland Hotel property.

A two-story open-air ground floor would allow guests to walk through the building. Multi-colored panels would stretch the height of the Disney Vacation Club tower on the end of the building with the multi-level grand villas. A crackled cream pattern would wrap around the other end of the mostly glass building. Balconies would offer views for rooms at both ends of the building. Here’s a look at the concept art for the building.

Heading back to the future site of the hotel, friends of Discover the Magic on Instagram noticed that the publicly posted permits that we wrote about back in April have been removed. Here’s a look back at the permit as it existed in April.

Here’s a look at the same space with the permit removed.

With the heavy rumors of Reflections – A Lakeside Lodge Disney Vacation Club project being cancelled, the removal of the permits from the proposed Disneyland Hotel DVC tower could be seen as a signal that this project has been cancelled as well. Thankfully, that doesn’t seem to be the case. reached out to the City of Anaheim to inquire about the status of the project given the removal of the posted permits, and Anaheim spokesman Mike Lyster told that the city has not been notified about any cancellation of the project and that the Planning Commission officially approved the site plans back in July. City officials expect the construction of the Disneyland Hotel DVC tower to continue, although the timeline could be altered given the financial and logistical impact of COVID-19.

While Disneyland ran into issues with the proposed Disneyland luxury hotel that ultimately led to its cancellations (concept art below), the DVC proposal faces fewer hurdles. The DVC project isn’t eligible for the incentivized tax cuts that the luxury hotel would have received, and the Planning Commission has said that the proposed property has been met with positive responses both from planners and nearby residents.

Cancelled Disneyland Resort luxury hotel concept

With the proposed DVC tower simply being viewed as an addition to the existing Disneyland Hotel complex, and not an entirely new hotel altogether, it faces less in the way of government friction throughout the process. Disney has previously submitted a 2023 opening date for the hotel, and has not officially updated that timeline.

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