TRON Canopy Roof Installation Continues, Almost Reaches Highest Point of Launch U-Turn

    Crews continue to install the ETFE roof membrane at the TRON Lightcycle Run construction site in Magic Kingdom. The work has expanded to the west side of the canopy skeleton that will protect the outdoor portion of the ride from the elements and allow the roller coaster to stay open during rain and inclement weather.

    As you can see in our photos below, the current portion of the roof almost reaches the top of the canopy where the u-turn is situated, but not quite. We can still see a sliver of uncovered skeleton above the currently covered portion.

    Here’s another view showing the highest point of the u-turn section still uncovered. Of course, the highest point of the canopy is on the far right of the image below and won’t be covered for some time yet.

    When we rode the Tomorrowland PeopleMover, workers were installing a lower section of membrane.

    Here’s a reverse look at the section pictured immediately above.

    The inside of the membrane is themed to a circuit board-type design.

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