REVIEW: Footgolf at Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course

Disney is currently in the process of a “test and adjust” phase for a brand new offering at Disney’s Oak Trail golf course. Footgolf is a blend of soccer and golf, to produce a new and challenging experience. We recently had the opportunity to try out the new offering during a closed preview.

The Basics

Footgolf is a take on traditional golf, but substitutes the golf ball for a regulation #5 soccer ball, and golf clubs for your own legs. Players tee off from designated teeing grounds around the course and play to a hole 21″ in diameter. Your score is simply however many times you kick the ball before you make it in the hole.

The Course

The Footgolf course at Disney’s Oak Trail runs alongside the traditional 9-hole golf course. Oftentimes there are 2 or more footgolf holes to one traditional golf hole.

Here’s a look at the scorecard.

And a look at the course map.

Players look for orange tee markers on both the regular tee boxes, and off to the side of the fairways, usually close to where the previous hole ended.

Players play to an orange flag marked by the hole number and footgolf logo. Traditional golf flags are blue, so there wasn’t any confusion on where to play to. Disney says that the footgolf course was designed to allow for “harmonious” play alongside of traditional golfers, but more on that later.

Just like regular golf, there are hazards along the course such as bunkers, trees, and even water. Disney has placed some pool skimmers along the hazards should you kick your soccer ball into the water.


We actually really enjoyed our round of footgolf! It’s challenging enough to provide for a good time, but doesn’t require the technical proficiencies that traditional golf does.

The round of footgolf will take you about 2 hours, depending on the size of your group. While you do get to play 18 holes, it’s only takes about as long as a traditional round of golf for 9 holes would.

If you haven’t kicked a soccer ball in a while, it could definitely get frustrating, but by the third hole we got the hang of it.

The nice thing about footgolf is that it can be played independently of any golfers on the course. That said, there were times where golf balls were flying in our direction that made us question how “harmoniously” this can be played with traditional golfers on the course too. Due to our pace of play being quicker than traditional golfers, a group allowed us to play through. While it wasn’t a terribly awkward experience, it did probably slow them down by 15 minutes or so, as we had multiple footgolf holes in the same distance as their single traditional golf hole. Due to the fact that you’re usually playing footgolf down the middle of the fairway, or just a few steps into the rough, I think it will be frustrating for both traditional and footgolfers to play together during busier times.

We can definitely see this as a great option for families who might have one or more serious golfers and some who just want to enjoy an afternoon. A perfect use case here might be parents who like to play golf and kids who would prefer to kick a soccer ball around.

According to Disney’s website, Footgolf will debut to the public on February 22 at a rate of $10 per person, but Cast Members have indicated that a price isn’t locked in yet. It’s unclear if that $10 includes a soccer ball rental or not.

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