It’s been a while since we last took a look at the Space Restaurant currently under construction at Epcot, so we decided to rope drop Test Track this morning for the best possible views. As a refresher, the Space Restaurant is going to take over a plot of land between Test Track and Mission: SPACE. It’s about 80% new construction and 20% use of existing structures.

Here’s a look at the plot of land as seen on one of our helicopter tours from before construction began.

Here’s a look at the concept art. A large, curved screen or projection wall will dominate the “view” and put guests into orbit above Earth’s surface.

Space Restaurant concept art at Epcot

Guests riding Test Track get a wonderful view of the restaurant under construction as they speed past in the outdoor section of the ride.

This first look shows not only the vertical section of the Space Restaurant construction, but also a view of the massive Guardians of the Galaxy show building in the distance.

Space Restaurant construction with Guardians of the Galaxy show building

In the next photo, there are a few points of interest. First, on the extreme right of the photo, we can see new construction is not only vertical, but well along in the process. Next, we can see that a large, curved portion of the earth is not only dug out, but vertical construction has started on that too. Finally, we can see the torn open building in the distance. This building is the existing structure that will act as the “scene one” of the Space Restaurant experience.

Our last photo update included a zoomed in shot of the permit that was hanging on a wall. This shows the various areas we described above.

Space Restaurant permit

Back to today, we have a closer look at the curved excavation and construction that will eventually become the giant, curved wall for the space scene projections that diners will enjoy during their meal.

Curved wall under construction and existing structure

A look back at the glass structure that was, at one point, planned to be a sponsor lounge for Mission: SPACE.

From the ground outside of Test Track, we can see the multi-story construction of what is expected to be the kitchen space.

Space Restaurant kitchen construction

There has been no announced opening date for the Space Restaurant coming to Epcot.



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