Disney CEO Not Concerned Delta Variant Will Impact Parks

    In an investor call this afternoon, Disney CEO Bob Chapek spoke about the impact that Disney is forecasting as a result of COVID-19 surges and the Delta Variant.

    In terms of Delta variant, we see strong demand for our parks continuing. The primary noise that we’re seeing right now is around group or conference cancellations. Right now we’re seeing above the Q3 attendance levels, they were pretty darn good. We’re still bullish about our park business going forward. I may suggest that we’ve implemented a reservation system that’s going to enable us to spread our demand, increase the yield, and improve the guest experience at the same time.
    Bob Chapek, Disney CEO

    Disney CFO Christine McCarthy also downplayed the impact they think the Delta Variant will have on their theme parks.

    I can add to that. A couple of things. One is we have seen very, very strong per caps in addition to all of the yield management things Bob mentioned. The per caps in my comments that I referred to them as exceptionally strong. I would not use that word were it not for the fact they were exceptional. Last quarter I said they were up strong, double digits. This quarter was even stronger.

    If you look at when a park is closed for a long period of time as Disneyland was in Paris was, when they re-open, the per caps really shoot up. We still have — even Walt Disney World that’s been open now for over a year, we’re still seeing extremely strong per cap growth continue in the park. In addition to all of the technology things that we’re implementing and reservation and dining apps, we’re seeing the consumer behavior be very favorable and the guest experience is something that we’re going to be focused on especially as we continue to re-open.
    Christine McCarthy, Disney CFO

    At the same time, Florida continues to set records for new COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.

    Florida Continues to Set Record Highs for COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalizations
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