Disneyland Magic Key Social Media Accounts Flooded With Angry Passholder Comments as Renewal Deadline Looms, Disneyland Remains Silent

    With a little more than two weeks to go until the first Disneyland Magic Key annual passes expire, Disney has remained silent on options for current passholders. In previous communications, Disney has said that they will allow current Magic Key Holders to renew their pass types, but they have not provided passholders a way to actually renew and passholders are flooding Disneyland Magic Key social media account comments to express their frustration.

    Disney originally announced the Magic Key program on August 3, 2021 and opened sales on August 25th. August 25th is the magical date that current Magic Key passes begin to expire and Disneyland has not announced a single detail on how current passholders will be able to renew.

    The Disneyland Magic Key program has been popular, with sales of the highest tier of pass halted on October 25, 2021 amidst overwhelming demand and difficulty securing a Park Reservation for Magic Key passholders. The “Believe” tier sold out a month later in November. Passholders faced so much difficulty securing a required Park Reservation that Disneyland was eventually sued in federal court. The lawsuit, which places the Park Reservation system at the heart of claims of consumer deception, was allowed to proceed in April 2022. A month later, Disneyland paused the sales of all of its Magic Key pass tiers, and speculation about the future of the program continued.

    Now, just over two weeks until Magic Keys begin to expire en masse, Disneyland continues to ghost its most loyal fans.

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    1. Isn’t it becoming obvious that Chapek & Co. have absolutely no interest in retaining loyal park goers!! Chapek doesn’t want repeat visitors. He wants first timers!!! New guests!!! FIRST TIMERS SPEND MORE MONEY!!! Plus, they don’t remember what things used to cost so he can jack up the prices as high as possible and First Timers will pay it without complaint. Go back to his earnings call earlier this year. He practically said this by saying, and I’m paraphrasing since I don’t remember his exact words, as long as people will pay the price for tickets, food etc, we will keep raising them. So as long as people keep buying tickets and coming to the parks, he will keep prices high, continue to raise them and continue to charge for things that there was no previous charge. Passholder spend the least so there is no interest to New Disney in having them return. Today, Disney posted above expectation profits especially from their parks division. It makes sense that when you charge so much more for everything, you will get higher profits. That doesn’t show a smart company, just a greedy one.

    2. The loyal guests are the ticket holders. There are way more ticket holders than key holders. The ticket holders pay thousands of dollars on park tickets, park merch, park food, and more. They bring in more revenue for the parks and the state in their visit. And many ticket holders visit more than once a year. Ticket holders spend their entire days in the parks. Not come waltzing in during whatever time and only staying a few hours. Disney has seen each key holder on when they visit, how often they stay and how much they spend as they use their “discount” and see keys aren’t the money makers. The loyal guest are the ticket holders who pay the prices as they continue coming back over and over again. Plus, they’ve seen and shown how greedy the key holders are when new merch comes out as the key holders are the ones who storm Main St to buy up all the special merch and half if not more is resold. The Key holders did this to themselves. The entitlement has always shown through but even more so lately.

      • 😒😒😒 oh my gosh consumerism at its worst. There’s nothing wrong with saving money. You make it sound like it’s noble to spend as much money as possible at Disneyland. Everyone has spent money, key holders and ticket holders. The amount spent is irrelevant. There’s life outside of the park and we all return to our real, daily lives that have consequences good and bad. Unfortunately money is king, and if you save some from Disney then you have saved to spend some in your daily life. Disneyland will keep hiking prices and we all have to pay. Don’t make it sound like it’s noble just because you are a ticket holder who spends and magic key holders who save. This is stupidity. Why are you defending the price hikers? Everywhere in the economy, everything is up. There’s no wrong in savings. Disney is bad here. But what can you say? Consumerism drives. Money is king. And heck, I’m going to continue to “waltz” in and spend how ever many hours I can with little children in tow. Think of that.

    3. I agree with the merchandise comment; I had always longed Disney to forbid the reselling of such merchandise; especially if Disney goes out of there way to honor a pass holder by creating something exclusive only to find it on a resell site can be seen as a slap in the face

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