PHOTOS, REVIEW: Aunt Polly’s Opens for the Holiday Season on Tom Sawyer Island at Magic Kingdom

Today was the first day of operation for Aunt Polly’s on Tom Sawyer Island for the busy holiday season. The location is open for the first time in a few years and is open to handle expected large crowds. The location is expected to be open until January 5th and will serve food from 11am to 3pm, daily. We made it out there this morning to check out the location and try the food!

Becky’s Buttery Biscuit Barbeque Pork Sliders – $10.49

First up is the pork sliders with house-made Cajun chips. The chips were heavily seasoned with Chef Paul’s branded seasoning. As for the sliders, the pork was soft and flavorful. You could definitely tell that they took the time to properly cook the meat before shipping it onto the island. The top biscuit was soft and broke apart easily, but the bottom biscuit was hard and unforgiving. With two soft biscuits, this is actually quite a good dish and might be even worth a visit to Tom Sawyer Island for! We can highly recommend this dish.

Soft Pretzel Sticks – $8.99

Two salt-less pretzel sticks come with your choice of beer cheese, nacho cheese, or creole mustard dipping sauce. Stick with the beer cheese and you’ll have a good $6-7 snack. $9 is ultimately probably too much money for what you get, but it’s another solid offering from Aunt Polly’s.

Mississippi Mud Brownie – $5.79

Between this and the pork sliders you can have a better meal at Aunt Polly’s than some of the quick service eateries around Magic Kingdom. Underneath a very dense chocolate frosting is a wonderful portion of brownie. The nuts and chocolate chips on top add a nice texture to the dish that persists throughout. We can definitely recommend this dish for the chocolate lovers.

Barq’s Root Beer Float – $5.49

This is a pretty standard root beer float, with the only unique thing being that it’s poured from a can due to the remoteness of an island kitchen. It’s served with two scoops of vanilla ice cream. If you’re looking to spend $6 on a dessert, skip this and go for the brownie.

Lemonade and Sweet Tea Slushy – $5.49

Seen on the right in the below image is the Lemonade and Sweet Tea Slushy. If you’re familiar with an Arnold Palmer, this is it, but in slushy form. The flavor was spot on and while the slushy may turn some guests off during our 60 degree weather during “winter”, it’s a pretty solid option.

Overall, Aunt Polly’s has a surprisingly good lineup and the pork sliders and brownie alone are worth the visit.

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