More Steampunk Theming Stripped From Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom

While the talk of the town was definitely the new Tomorrowland sign that debuted this morning, it’s only a small piece of the thematic refresh for Tomorrowland. While walking around and looking at the new Tomorrowland entrance sign from all angles, we stumbled upon some work happening in a quiet corner of Tomorrowland that will soon spread throughout the whole land. As you can see in the photos below, two things are happening. First, the large steampunk fins are either going to be stripped of their theming at the very least, or removed completely. Second, the existing support columns will all be converted to the clean, white look that’s already in place near Space Mountain. Here’s a tour of the work and changes taking place.

The majority of the steampunk fins are still in place around Tomorrowland. Here’s a look at one of the fins and a stripped support column.

More stripped support columns.

Here’s a look back at how the support columns were previously themed.

We can see that some of the support columns are already being shaped and themed in a quiet corner of Tomorrowland.

Here’s what they’ll all look like, when finished.

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  1. Hello friend. I just wanted to let you know that no part of Tomorrowland in Orlando is, or has ever been Steampunk themed.

    Steampunk is a re-imagining of modern/futuristic technology as if it were created during the Victorian Age using steam-power as the primary source of energy. Tomorrowland Paris, with it’s Jules Vern inspired architecture and earthy/copper color pallet could be considered Steampunk, but Orlando’s version is Retrofuturism.

    Basically, it was designed to be set in the future, but has become outdated enough to be considered retro, while steampunk is designed to be set in the past.


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