Three Caballeros Animatronics Expected to Remain Missing for Months, Return This Spring

According to an update from Walt Disney World, the Three Caballeros animatronics that were recently completely removed from the finale scene of the Gran Fiesta Tour are expected to be missing for months.

What started as a single post back in early January where we noticed that the Donald Duck animatronic was being propped up by a box, quickly unraveled when the animatronic was completely removed the next morning – replaced by a memorial with a sombrero on a plant.

While the memorial was eventually removed, attention was once again thrust on the attraction when Disney completely removed all three animatronic birds and replaced them with character cut-outs.

Now, Disney has said that the animatronics have flown the coop and will be back sometime this Spring. For those keeping track at home, Spring starts on March 20th and runs through June 20th.

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