Three Caballeros Animatronics Completely Removed from Gran Fiesta Tour, Replaced by Character Cut-Outs

To quote the now-extinct Great Movie Ride – “ok, it’s worse”. A day after we lamented that Disney hadn’t fixed the Donald Duck animatronic on the Gran Fiesta Tour in the past three weeks, management went ahead and tore out the remaining animatronics. In the place of the animatronics are three cut-outs of the characters.

When speaking with Cast Members, they indicated that the three animatronics share a base and that the base needed to be fixed in some capacity. This led to the animatronics being removed from the ride entirely.

We dropped by today to grab photos and video of the change!

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  1. Looks about the same amount of effort they put into The Great Movie Ride replacement. At least the difference here is the Animatronics will be back.

  2. It’s a shame they don’t keep backyard of key pieces for situations like this. Even static 3-D figures would have looked better than cutouts while they repair the base for the animated figures. But given that they don’t seem to keep spare parts on hand like they used to, the cutouts are better than nothing.

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