PHOTOS: Coronado Springs Construction Update (Gran Destino Tower, Three Bridges Bar and Grill, Panchitos Gift Shop)

We made it out to Coronado Springs today to take an updated look at the ongoing construction projects around the resort. Of course, the biggest project right now is the introduction of a brand new tower hotel. The Gran Destino Tower will open this July and there was plenty to look at since our last update.

Gran Destino Tower

We’ll start with a wide view of the rear of the resort. This is the side that will face Lago Dorado and the all-new Three Bridges Bar and Grill. As you can see, there is just one section of the building that has scaffolding still in place.

Here’s a look at working taking place today at the top of the scaffolding.

Theming elements have been added to the center of the hotel, above the oval lobby windows.

A closer look shows a bunch of angled lights that should create a nice lighting package when combined with the theming elements.

A covered walkway from Gran Destino Tower to El Centro is being constructed.

Here’s a look at where the walkway connects to El Centro.

Crews were enjoying a lunch break when we went by, but work was taking place today near a backstage support area.

We took a walk around Lago Dorado to grab photos from a few different angles. Here’s a look at the work from the beach area of the Cabanas on the east side of the resort.

We climbed to the top floor of the Casitas building to get a better look across Lago Dorado at Gran Destino Tower. You can also see the Three Bridges Bar and Grill situated at the middle of the lake.

In the photo below, we framed Gran Destino Tower on the left and El Centro on the right.

From here, we were able to see into Toledo Tapas, Steaks & Seafood at the top of Gran Destino Tower. Here’s an early look at the menu for the rooftop dining location.

One of two flanking domes can be seen below, nearly finished.

Shifting gears a bit, we will now take a look at the front of the resort. Here’s the view when you first drive into Coronado Springs.

Here’s another look through an open construction gate.

Our final look at the tower is from the current Coronado Springs parking lot, and from the current porte-cochère at El Centro.

Three Bridges Bar and Grill

Next up is the Three Bridges Bar and Grill. Three Bridges will sit at the center of Lago Dorado, connected to the surrounding resort by…three bridges.

As a refresher, here’s a look at the concept art.

Here’s an elevated look at the back of the restaurant. Work is currently underway on electrical components, and some theming work is finishing up as seen below.

Here’s a look at the front of the restaurant.

A closer work shows crews working on electrical wiring.

Another angle reveals the fireplace.

Panchito’s Gift Shop

To round out our Coronado Springs update, we’ll take a quick look around the recently renovated Panchito’s gift shop.

Gran Destino Tower and Three Bridges Bar and Grill open on July 9, 2019.

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