DeSantis Says He Wants State to Take Control of Reedy Creek Improvement District, Make Disney World Pay for Outstanding District Debt

    In remarks earlier today, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis drew a line in the sand and said that he wants the State of Florida to take over Walt Disney World’s Reedy Creek Improvement District, echoing statements that local officials make two weeks ago.

    DeSantis first addressed the $1 billion of debt that Reedy Creek is carrying. He said that local governments like Orange County and Osceola County wouldn’t absorb the debt, but also said that the state wouldn’t take on the debt either, despite how the bill to dismantle Reedy Creek is currently written. Instead, DeSantis said that the debt “would be dealt with by the taxpayers in that district” – that is, that Disney would pick up the tab.

    DeSantis went on to say that there are a number of special districts in the state that are affected by the recent bill. While he said that these other districts could re-authorize their district, he said that in the case of the Reedy Creek Improvement District Disney “will not control its own government in the State of Florida”.

    DeSantis said that local governments were “threatening” their citizens with higher tax rates should Reedy Creek fall into the laps of Orange and Osceola counties. Instead, DeSantis said that the state would simply take control of Reedy Creek and force Disney to pay taxes that current laws don’t require Disney to pay.

    DeSantis said that the proposal to take all of this action will likely come in November after the election cycle.

    Disney World has not made a public statement about the dismantling of the Reedy Creek Improvement District. Instead, it has been reported that Disney’s lawyers are working behind the scenes to find a solution that keeps Reedy Creek intact and gives DeSantis a “win” in the public eye.

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    1. Who wants an idiot like this in office?? He gets all butt hurt by what a “good for the state” company like Disney says and then goes off on a crusade to burn them?? Wow. None of this makes sense. Calm the F down and get on to more important matters. What a child. Huge corporations get major incentives for bringing jobs and revenue into a state. Just because he wasn’t greased by this company he has no regard for what they bring into Florida. Keep this up and soon Florida will start charging state income tax.

      • Get a grip dude. Disney has gotten all kind of tax breaks and yet it is a California company. They should have stayed an entertainment company and kept out of politics and education policy.

        • if you think citizens united had it right, then corporations like disney have free speech rights too. i don’t care what word salad he used to justiify this, but it is a blatantly vindictive action by desantis to punish disney’s free speech rights is it not? desantis truly needs to get a grip. since when do we become so sensitive when someone disagrees with you? i mean snowflake – karen reaction ^ 100000 power here. lol. it sounds good to his base though i guess.

    2. Disney should cancel plans to move the Imagineers to Florida. It doesn’t sound like they want to move anyway.

    3. DeSantis is a loser and Disney lawyers don’t need to give him a win! Hopefully DeSantis will be voted out of office!

    4. Non of what he’s doing is even remotely legal. His first action in trying dismantle RCID was illegal and instead of back walking it he’s doubling down with further I’ll thoughtout illegal actions.

      It just takes one person to decide to sue him at any point for all of these breaches in contract. Breaches that he’s making are not only state but federal crimes. The government can’t make a financial contract with a corporation and then renegg on the deal under the clause of “they hurt my feelings”.

    5. No need for tax breaks. Disney is doing just fine. They should pay their taxes just like everyone else.

    6. Hey Dictator Crybaby…there wasn’t any problem until your butthurt made one. The manchild is just upset because he didn’t get his Communist way. Remember when Republicans actually believed in no business intervention?

    7. When Disney did a appeal of the law they lost. DeSantis won. Apparently that’s not enough for him he’s power hungry and very revengeful. Now DeSantis and his Goons are going after Disney for everything. When will it stop? They won’t stop they are a bunch of bullies and Florida will lose a lot of people. They need to leave Disney alone and go back taking care of his state.

    8. So what, Ron? You and your toadies in the legislature are just going to pass your own loophole to negate a decades old agreement and shirk the state’s contractual obligations? Great way to undermine Florida’s credibility and business trust. 👏 Who wants to do business with a State that punishes it’s largest employer any time little Lord Fontleroy’s feelings get hurt.

    9. Unfortunately, that is what being a Republican is turning into anymore. Little crusades against those who don’t agree with you. Intolerance and spiteful are words of the day.

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