PHOTOS: Roaming Green Army Patrol Returns to Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios

    More entertainment is returning to Walt Disney World, this time in the form of the roaming Green Army Patrol in Toy Story Land. The Green Army Patrol had been suspended since March 2020, but recently made its return to Andy’s Backyard as part of a push from Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro to bring back more entertainment to the parks. The roaming Green Army Patrol offering is in addition to the Green Army Drum Corps, which operates on more of a set schedule and location.

    While visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios today, we found two Green Army soldiers roaming Toy Story Land and while we were told that they do not have a set schedule, they can be found roaming the land until around 5pm daily. Here’s a look at the return of the roaming Green Army Patrol!

    By their sworn duty, the Green Army soldiers are roaming to patrol the backyard, so there is no formal meeting area or even line to enter to meet with them.

    That said, they are happy to pose for photos provided their cover isn’t blown.

    They will even sign autograph books!

    Perhaps they don’t take their jobs too seriously, it is play time after all in Toy Story Land.

    The return of the patrol continues to breathe life into the parks, just like any returning entertainment offering. We hope to see more of this in the coming weeks and months. It’s also fun to watch the Green Army soldiers play along with guests. Here’s one soldier finding sufficient cover to blend in and hide while patrolling the backyard.

    As always, keep checking back with us here at as we continue to bring you the latest news, photos, and info from around the Disney Parks!

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