REVIEW: Wonderland Slushy With Rock Candy Straw Debuts at Magic Kingdom

Today marked the debut of the Wonderland Slushy at Cheshire Cafe in Magic Kingdom. There were supposed to be two character-inspired slushies, but more on that in a bit.

Wonderland Slushy – $5.99

The Wonderland Slushy is a Minute Maid Raspberry Lemonade/Fanta Grape combo, complete with a rock candy straw.

Let’s start with the taste. It’s a sweet slushy with a predominantly grape flavor. The raspberry is present occasionally, but there is no doubt that this drink was made for fans of grape…and it’s wonderful!

It layers nicely for both photos and taste.

The real winner here is the rock candy straw. It is coated from end to end with hard rock candy. It was actually covered so much that the opening at the top was blocked by candy!

A quick bite through solved the problem, but revealed another problem – it’s a paper straw. That means that you’re going to be enjoying this drink at brain freeze speed if you don’t want the straw to collapse.

That said, it’s a really fun drink and if you’re ok with enjoying it quickly, the straw is a really fun addition. We can definitely recommend it for your next visit to Magic Kingdom. Here’s to hoping that Disney can figure out the paper straw issue and introduce the rock candy into more fun drinks!

Of course, this wasn’t the only character-inspired slushy that was supposed to debut today. Disney also announced that a Buzz Lightyear slushy would be available starting today. Like any blogger worth his weight in slushies, I ran over to get a photo with the Buzz Lightyear slushy too. Unfortunately, their machine was broken and they weren’t sure how many days it would take to fix it. Here’s a promotional photo instead.

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