DeSantis Would Be “Receptive” to Dismantling of Reedy Creek Improvement District at Walt Disney World

    In clarifying comments about his willingness to end “special privileges” for Disney World, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took the idea of repealing the 1967 Reedy Creek Improvement Act head on this afternoon (via Orlando Sentinel). Here’s what DeSantis had to say about a movement that has “a lot of discussion” around it:

    As the governor, I could be presented with changes to that. I think I’ve said I’d be receptive to that. But ultimately, the Legislature would have to move forward. So I know that there’s a lot of discussion about that. And we’ll just see how that shakes out.

    I think a lot of those things that have accumulated over the years would probably not be justifiable. …I was shocked to see some of the stuff that’s in there. They could do their own nuclear power plant. Is there any other private company in the state that can just build a nuclear power plant on their own?
    Ron DeSantis, Florida Governor
    DeSantis Looks to Remove Disney’s “Special Privileges” in Florida
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    The feud between DeSantis and Disney has become more one-sided recently after Disney took a public stance against the “Don’t Say Gay” law.

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    1. I’ll call his bluff. It sounds like he is ready to provide immediate support to the many, daily emergency responses that occur on property (ASIDE FROM FIREWORKS) without diminishing support from voters in Orange and Osceola county. If there’s one thing DeSantis is keen is on safety, right? Paramount for him, right? Up there with equity and efficiency and taking away jobs from RCID. If only there were a system in place designed to provide specific support, familiar with property roads and access, separate and away from public services that didn’t take away from emergencies in the communities. Little Ronny thought this through, I’m sure.

      • Orange County is 1004 sq miles, Disney is about 40 sq miles.It would be a drop in the bucket for Orange County handle not to mention the millions in new taxes the county would receive.The 138 people currently working for the Reedy Creek district would be offered jobs and if they refuse they won’t qualify for unemployment benefits.This is much simpler than you think.
        Here’s one to think of, Disney wants to ad a park bench on a walkway for people to sit on and they’ll have to submit plans, get a permit and then wait till it’s inspected.

    2. Why would Disey have privileges ? They are making more money now than before the pandemic. Also they are now becoming a political entity. As such they are betraying Walt’s Idea.

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