DeSantis’ Oversight District to Create Rule Enforcement Program & Appoint Special Magistrate to Settle Disputes, Order Liens Against Property

    As Disney World updated its lawsuit against the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District Board of Supervisors, the District has filed resolutions to be heard at a meeting later this week. One resolution seeks to establish an enforcement citation program and a special magistrate position for appealing alleged enforcement violations.

    Critically, the resolution authorizes enforcement officers to “issue a citation to any person” and the resolution says that “the word ‘person’ shall extend and be applied to individuals, children, firms, associations, joint ventures, partnerships, estates, trusts, business trusts, syndicates, fiduciaries, corporations and all other groups and legal entities or combinations thereof”.

    A plain reading of this would indicate that Walt Disney World would be subject to enforcement of any violations determined by an “enforcement officer”. The District Administrator would be authorized to “designate certain employees or agents of the District as ‘enforcement officers'”.

    The enforcement program would ensure that entities within the District comply with resolutions, regulations, codes, rules, and ordinances. There will be four classes of violations, with fines ranging from $75 to $500.

    The resolution, which will be read for the first time at the meeting this week, also says that DeSantis’ hand-picked Board of Supervisors would be in charge of appointing a special magistrate “to hear appeals of citations and other matters as assigned by resolution, regulation, rule, and code”.

    The only rule for appointing a special magistrate is that the Board of Supervisors must select a licensed Florida attorney who is not the District General Counsel or an attorney with the District General Counsel’s office.

    The resolution also grants the Board-selected magistrate the power to assign a lien against all property owned by an entity that doesn’t pay fines assigned by the District. Should a lien be unpaid for more than 3 months, the Board of Supervisors may order the District’s attorney to foreclose on the lien.

    According to documents filed by the CFTOD, the Board of Supervisors intends to adopt the resolution creating the enforcement program at the May 10, 2023 meeting.

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    1. Disney should ban the people on that board from entering any of the parks and the governor also.

    2. Looks like Desantis is about to learn FA&FO. Just as Anheuser-busch is getting Weigh Laid by thier Gaf. Florida is about to experience a HUGE jump in UNEMPLOYMENT. Tens of Thousands will be affected. All those support companies, resorts, employees, all the money paid into Florida Taxes. All going to be GONE.

    3. Impeach DeSantis. He does nothing for Florida and goes after a business who gives this state millions. Shame to all of you who voted this clown in.

    4. Amazing that these idiots continue to make matters worse for themselves. More work for lawyers. Another amendment to the current lawsuit and yet another thing that will be undone by the federal courts.

    5. DeSantis is a dangerous man who calls Florida the free state of Florida but the only person in Florida who’s free to do what he wants is Govenor DeSantis there is no free state of Florida ask the people what they want and he should not be able to sin gle Disney out for sticking up for there employees rights

    6. First off Darin your just jealous that the freest State in AMERICA is of course ran by a republican its about time Disney is treated just like the rest of the parks and if Walt knew what Disney stood for now he would be turning in his grave

    7. I think Disney should go to another state and let DeSantis bankrupt Florida. Once he has to raise taxes for all the taxes that Disney pays and has a 100000 people added to the unemployment roles his days as a dictator will be over.

      • Well…wouldn’t that be nice. Disney has, from what I have heard, received offers to relocate to other states. But, I think Disney will prevail over these spiteful acts by this governor.

    8. How many special districts are there in Florida?
      How many of them benefit businesses?
      If Disney up sticks and leaves how many of the ither parks are going to follow suite? They are there because of Disney. If Disney leaves how many will look to move next door to whereever Disney goes?

    9. Lol, this mimics the 1973 Disney movie Robinhood to a T.
      Evil Prince John deputizes the Sheriff of Nottingham to collect unreasonable taxes from the animals of Sherwood Forest. deSantis board will make up regulations in a district known for going above and beyond what is needed in an attempt to land grab when someone doesn’t pay a $500 fine.

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