PHOTOS: Hollywood Studios Bus Drop Off Reconfiguration; Possible Handicap Parking Changes

Disney is currently working on reconfiguring the extended bus drop off areas at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We dropped by yesterday to check on gondola progress and noticed new pavement and rough outlines of new lanes to be created. Talking to transportation Cast Members, they said that a reconfiguration of the buses is the first step of changing the way transportation works at the front of the park. Let’s check out the work.

The first thing we noticed is that the regular entrance to the forward handicap lot will go away.

A new lane has been created to handle inbound and outbound traffic. This took the spot of the very first row of Mickey Stage.

Switching over to the extended bus drop off area, it looks like traffic will be turned around near the gondola construction.

Finally, here’s an overhead view of the new routes, roughly drawn into place from what we could tell on the ground.

The green areas are the bus lanes and the blue is an entrance lane. The topmost green lane was labeled “bus only”, but the blue was not. That leads us to believe that the blue lane will be used for regular traffic.

Furthermore, the u-turn to the left of the yellow space makes us believe that the yellow area will either be used for gondola construction equipment staging, or more likely a new handicap parking area. If the handicap parking area is moved to the yellow area, that would free up the current forward handicap parking area for construction equipment staging and possible future use.

Again, all of this is just rough drawings and speculation on future use, but it definitely looks like Disney is looking to change the way transportation works at the front of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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