REVIEW: New Flurry of Fun Chocolate Mousse Present Debuts at Hollywood Studios

With Christmas in full swing at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, new treats are now being offered to guests around the park. We’ve seen a new Cinnamon Cran-Apple Tart in Toy Story Land, a Spiked Hot Chocolate Trio, and a Chocolate Chestnut Pinecone to commemorate the season. And with Flurry of Fun starting on November 8, a new Chocolate Mousse Present debuted at ABC Commissary to celebrate its return!

Chocolate Mousse Present – $4.79

The present is covered in a bright purple glaze and topped with candy pearls while a snowflake borders the treat and is topped with a white chocolate Flurry of Fun square.

The mousse is a standard chocolate, and the base is a cookie that has a bit of a crunch. Overall, the mousse was a somewhat plain dessert that unfortunately lacked any great flavor. While the treat is presented nicely, it ultimately earns a pass from us.  Instead of this treat, we would highly recommend the Chocolate Chestnut Pinecone that we had at the Backlot Express!

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