Continuing our coverage of all things Christmas at Hollywood Studios this morning leads us to Backlot Express and the Chocolate Chestnut Pinecone and Frozen Hot Cocoa.

Chocolate Chestnut Pinecone – $5.79

Fans of mousse are in for a real treat with the Chocolate Chestnut Pinecone! The pinecone itself is all mousse with a light glitter dusting. The chestnut base is light and flavorful, almost like a rice krispy. We can definitely recommend this snack for those enjoying the holidays at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Frozen Hot Cocoa – $4.49

Next up is the Frozen Hot Cocoa. Probably the item that makes the most sense when celebrating Christmas in 85 degree weather. While presentation value on this is a 1/10, the taste is nearly a 10/10. It tastes just like a hot cocoa would, but in frozen form. It’s a solid drink and one that makes sense even during the 3 days of true winter that we’ll have in Orlando this year. Just like the pinecone above, this drink comes recommended.


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