The Moana meet and greet is now open at Hollywood Studios inside of One Man’s Dream.

hollywoodstudios-moanamng-1 hollywoodstudios-moanamng-2

There is a single holding room with a switchback queue controlled by somewhat themed carpet with lines on it.


Cast Memebers were even handing out an activity book.

There is actually some nice rockwork and a projection of a waterfall. Disney did put some effort into this, which makes me believe this space could be around for a while.


Here’s a very short video we shot of the rockwork and waterfall projection.


While I didn’t capture it on video, there was even some voiceover work that told a story of an individual brave enough to make it past the breaking waves and into the sea. After the holding room, you find yourself in a single meet and greet area where you can meet with Moana herself before exiting in near the theater entrance where you can watch the preview of the film for a limited time.


Moana meets from 9am to 7pm.



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