Disneyland Cancels Reservations Through October 3rd

    Disneyland has begun sending out emails to guests with reservations booked through October 3rd, asking them to cancel or modify their reservation.

    The cancellations come in the midst of what has turned into a public posturing match between the theme park operator and the state of California.

    Just yesterday, Disneyland President Ken Potrock applied some very public pressure to California Governor Gavin Newsom by putting out a statement saying that Disneyland is “disappointed with the state’s lack of progress” in providing a reopening date or even some guidance as to a timeline for reopening. Potrock went on to say that the Disneyland Resort stands ready and willing to accelerate discussions with the governor in an attempt to make “real progress” towards a reopening.

    On the Governor’s end, Newsom has repeatedly teased a reopening announcement as weeks continue to slip away and tens of thousands of Cast Member lives remain impacted by the closure of the theme parks and resorts. In a press conference that took place right as Potrock put out a statement condemning the lack of action from the state level, Newsom said that the state is “very very” close to making an announcement, something that Newsom has said in the past without any details or timelines.

    Internally, Disneyland was targeting a late September reopening, but that has seemingly slipped away as a result of the inaction of the Governor to have any sort of meaningful conversations with Disneyland.

    Walt Disney World has been open in Orlando, FL for over two months now, and local officials have yet to link a COVID-19 outbreak to the theme parks despite combing over the data to search for one. Disney World has, in our opinion, been the industry leader in safety at the theme parks, even recently issuing a ban to a guest who refused to follow the mandatory mask rules. Disney World has also implemented physical distancing throughout the parks and is limiting capacity via a theme park reservation system.

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