A third turret has been unveiled in the Hub at the Magic Kingdom after spending months behind a scrim. The turret will reportedly be used as a control tower for castle stage shows. Work on the turret and control booth isn’t complete yet, but the detail work shows a perfect theming with the rest of Cinderella’s Castle.

@Schmoofy - https://twitter.com/Schmoofy/status/644605589256019969/photo/1
@Schmoofy – https://twitter.com/Schmoofy/status/644605589256019969/photo/1

MagicKingdom_09182015-2 MagicKingdom_09182015-1 MagicKingdom_09182015-5 MagicKingdom_09182015-4 MagicKingdom_09182015-3 MagicKingdom_09182015-6 MagicKingdom_09182015-7 MagicKingdom_09182015-8 MagicKingdom_09182015-9

A quick peek at the Castle ramps shows pavement on the right side, but the left looks largely unchanged.

MagicKingdom_09182015-10 MagicKingdom_09182015-11


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