Typhoon Lagoon Drained and Unmaintained; Partial Hillside Collapse Could Signal Months of Continued Closure

Now in the swing of summer, many Disney World fans are wondering why Typhoon Lagoon remains closed. As of publish time, Disney has not announced a reopening date for the popular water park, and recent aerial photos show that it is currently sitting stagnant and unmaintained.

Friend of the site bioreconstruct recently took to the skies over Walt Disney World and provided a wonderful look into the current state of Typhoon Lagoon water park. As you can see in the photos below, Typhoon Lagoon was recently drained and sits unmaintained with stagnant, green rain water sitting in the various pools and rivers that guests usually enjoy.

A closer look at the photo above reveals the rather disgusting state of the lazy river, seen to the left of the wave pool. It’s the green river that runs into a cave.

Beyond the unmaintained state of the park, another development as taken place with the water park closed that might require quite a bit of attention from construction crews before Typhoon Lagoon is able to fully open. According to sources, there was a partial hillside collapse behind the iconic Miss Tilly boat. As you can see in the aerial photos below, a tarp currently covers a portion of the hillside that is missing foliage.

A closer look reveals two projects currently ongoing. The scaffolding seen to the right of the tarp was part of an existing project before the rumored hillside collapse. Here’s a closer look.

It’s unclear when Disney plans on reopening Typhoon Lagoon, but this partial collapse of the hillside with nearby attractions and infrastructure will likely need to be addressed beforehand. This work, combined with the current state of the rest of the park very likely signals a Typhoon Lagoon-less summer at Walt Disney World. It’s possible that Disney will simply rely on Blizzard Beach to provide for guests water park needs this summer, and try to take some time to work on the partial hillside collapse into the fall.

The partial hillside collapse took place sometime in July or early August 2020, and no visible work or progress has taken place since then. Disney has not announced a reopening date for Typhoon Lagoon and has removed references to the water park from in-room messaging at its resorts.

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